Amelia Picture
Character information
Full name Amelia
Nicknames Mia (by George)[1]
Gender Female
Age 9-14
Born February 19 - March 20[2]
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Address 564 North Homerest
Oopa, Oregon
Occupations Student
Education Oopa Intermediate School
Pioneer Elementary School
Family Patience (mother)
Cleo (sister)
Quentin Solokovansky(father)
Clara Solokovansky (stepmother)
George Solokovansky (half-brother)
Frank (uncle)
Lucy (aunt)
Raisa (cousin)
Sara (grandmother)
Edna (great-aunt)
Bertha (great-aunt)
Bea (great-aunt)
Leroy (great-uncle)
Myron (great-uncle)
Mr. Solokovansky (grandfather)
Mrs. Solokovansky (grandmother)
Marta (aunt)
Michael (uncle)
Justin (stepcousin)
Tara (cousin)
Tina (cousin)
Harold Solokovansky (uncle)
Tyler Solokovansky (cousin)
Jerome Solokovansky (uncle)
Julia (aunt)
Jeff (uncle)
Friends Carly Tremain
Nadia Kurz
Leah Cox
Relationships Luke (former crush)
Enemies Maxine
Hilary (formerly)
Affiliations Family

Amelia is currently an eighth grader[3] at Oopa Intermediate School. She enjoys writing and drawing, as well as science. Her best friend is Carly Tremain, and her close friends are Nadia Kurz and Leah Cox.

Amelia moved from Barton, California to Oopa, Oregon, while she was in fourth grade. She went to Pioneer Elementary School from fourth to fifth grade. She began attending Oopa Intermediate School in the sixth grade.


Early lifeEdit

Amelia was born to Patience, and Quentin Solokovansky, two years after her sister, Cleo. She was named by her father who thought she would adventurous like Amelia Earhart.[4]

Shortly after she was born her parents divorced. She was two that time. Amelia and Cleo no longer saw their father. They continued to live in Barton, California with their mother, and she grew rather artistic.

In kindergarten, she met her longtime best friend, Nadia Kurz. The two of them were close, they dressed alike for Halloween,[5] and even shared their birthday parties.[6]

Everything changed though, when Amelia had to move to Oopa, Oregon. Nadia and Amelia stayed friends, they just were not best friends. The move hit Amelia hard, she cried saying goodbye to her old life. That is when Amelia received her first notebook from her mother.

Amelia settled into her new life slowly, she liked her school, and teacher, Mr. Nudel. She made friends with Leah Feinberg, they had many of the same interests; for example, they were one of the best artists and were very thoughtful and fun. 

Physical appearanceEdit

Amelia is somewhat plain with average looks but she is shown to be very pretty. She has straight, shoulder-length brown to black hair with bangs that fall just above her eyes. She also has green eyes and fair skin. Amelia mentions she wishes she has long hair, but her mother cuts it short anyway. Amelia's mother, also will not allow Amelia to pierce her ears until she is older.

Personality and traitsEdit

Amelia is shown to be nice, imaginative, creative, and caring throughout the series.