Bea is the possible sister of Sara, Edna, Bertha, Leroy, and Myron. Amelia calls her "Aunt Bea," but since Patience has only one sister, Bea is more likely to be Amelia's great-aunt.


Early lifeEdit

Bea was born to her father, and mother, sometime before or during the Great Depression.

During the Depression her father, who was once a engineer was forced to become a janitor. The family had money problems, because of this.[2] They presuambly made through the Depression, and continued to live on to their adult lives.

Her older sister, Sara married, and had three children, Patience, Frank, and Lucy. Bea may have gotten married like Sara, and had some children of her own.

Later lifeEdit

Bea was probably close to her family, maybe going to family reunions at Leroy's farm.

She had to have met her great-niece, Amelia a few times, since, Amelia remembers Bea for her bad breath.[3]



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