"Is this the Aunt Bertha I've only met a couple of times who wears toilet water?"
Amelia finding a picture of Bertha[src]

Bertha is the possible sister of Sara, Edna, Bea, Leroy, and Myron. Although Amelia, calls her "Aunt Bertha" it is more likely for Bertha to be Amelia's great-aunt.


Early lifeEdit

Bertha was born to her mother, and father. She grew up along side her siblings during the Great Depression.

Bertha grew up and might have gotten married, and had a few children like Sara.

Later lifeEdit

She probably keeps in touch with her brothers, and sisters as well as her nieces, and nephews. Even meeting her great-nieces a few times, and telling Amelia that she wears toliet water (really just perfume).

When, her sister, Sara died she was most likely deeply sadden along with the rest of her family.



  1. She is a child in the story Patience tells Amelia.