Mr. Bipka
Mr. Bipka
Character information
Full name Bipka
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Address Oopa, Oregon
Occupations Life Skills teacher
Affiliations Pioneer Elementary School
"Tools are your friends. Treat them with care, and they'll serve you well. If you're rough with them, they won't work for you. Remember—respect your tools!"
—Mr. Bipka[src]

Mr. Bipka is a Life Skills teacher at Pioneer Elementary School.



Mr. Bipka most likely has been teaching for a long time, judging by how old he looks.

He teaches Amelia and, her classmates during her fifth-grade year. First, he teaches them how to sew, which he is enthusiastic about.

After, George complains about sewing with a poor excuse, which Mr. Bipka did not buy. He went on to teach them carpentry. Mr. Bipka is even more enthusiastic about tools, and teaches all his students to respect tools.

Later, Mr. Bipka is so impressed with his students sewing projects, he announces a fashion show. No one exactly jumped for joy at this, except Charisse. Luckily for most of the Mr. Bipka needs an announcer for the show, and whoever is picked does not have to model.

All the boys, and Amelia tried out for it. But, most of the boys could not get through the first sentence, so he chose Amelia.

The fashion show turned out good, everything went on without a hitch. Mr. Bipka gave Amelia extra credit for being an announcer.

Physical appearanceEdit

Amelia describes him as one of those guys who grow a few long hairs, and combs them over the top of his head. She also, says he grows a beard to make up for his hair. Mr. Bipka has dark blue eyes and is often seen wearing flannel.

Behind the scenesEdit


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