Carly Tremain
Carly Darrow
Character information
Full name Carly Tremain
Gender Female
Age 10-13
Born September 23 - October 22[1]
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Dark brown
Address Oopa, Oregon
Occupations Student
Education Oopa Intermediate School
Pioneer Elementary School
Family Father
Malcom Tremain (brother)
Marcus Tremain (brother)
Ayesha (cousin)
Taina (cousin)
Zeena (cousin)
Friends Amelia
Leah Cox
Relationships Luke (crush)
Enemies Maxine
Affiliations Double Bee's
Student Council

Carly Tremain[2] is Amelia's best friend. She is first introduced in Amelia's Bully Survival Guide.


Early lifeEdit

Carly was born to her mother, Ms. Tremain, and her father, Carly's father. She came after her brothers, Malcom, and Marcus Darrow.



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  1. In Amelia Tells All, Carly's birthday is stated to be April 2, but in Amelia's Itchy-Twitchy, Lovey-Dovey Summer at Camp Mosquito it is revealed that she is a libra, making her to be born sometime between September 23-October 22.
  2. Carly's last name is revealed to be in Darrow in Amelia Works It Out, but in Vote 4 Amelia it is revealed to be Tremain, and in this case the latest source is determined to be correct.

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