Character information
Full name Cleo
Nicknames Jelly Roll Nose (by Amelia)
Queen of Snores (by Amelia)
Gender Female
Age 11-15
Born Thursday, June 15 [1]
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Brown
Address 564 North Homerest
Oopa, Oregon
Occupations Student
Education Oopa Intermediate School
Family Patience (mother)
Amelia (sister)
Quentin Solokovansky(father)
Clara Solokovansky (stepmother)
George Solokovansky (half-brother)
Frank (uncle)
Lucy (aunt)
Raisa (cousin)
Sara (grandmother)
Edna (great-aunt)
Bertha (great-aunt)
Bea (great-aunt)
Leroy (great-uncle)
Myron (great-uncle)
Mr. Solokovansky (grandfather)
Mrs. Solokovansky (grandmother)
Marta (aunt)
Michael (uncle)
Justin (stepcousin)
Tara (cousin)
Tina (cousin)
Harold Solokovansky (uncle)
Tyler Solokovansky (cousin)
Jerome Solokovansky (uncle)
Julia (aunt)
Jeff (uncle)
Friends Gigi
Relationships Oliver (ex-boyfriend)[2]
Justin (possibly)[3]

Cleo is the older sister of Amelia, and the daughter of Patience, and Quentin. She is currently in 10th grade

She is notable for being impolite, such as shoveling food into her mouth. One of her favorite activities is burping.


Cleo was born to Patience, and Quentin on a Thursday, of the fifthteenth of June.[1] Her mother named her after Cleopatra, the famous Queen of the Nile.[4]Two years later, her sister, Amelia came along. Unfortunately by this time, their parents were having trouble in their marriage. Patience and Quentin decided to divorce, and there was no contact between any of them for years as the two sisters grew up. Cleo lived with her mom and sister in Barton, California. Cleo probably went to elementary school there, then middle school for atleast half of the school year, until the move was annouced. Cleo was more excited about moving then  Amelia, mostly because Cleo would no longer have to share a room with Amelia. The trip to Oopa, Oregon took three days, the whole way there, Cleo ordered a hamburger, and French fries at every diner. It was also said that because of that, Cleo began to smell like it. Cleo quickly settled in to her new life, and was excited to decorate her new room. She started going to her new school, presuambly Oopa Intermediate School the next day. Quickly, Cleo became best friends with a girl at her school, Gigi. Cleo could be bossy, and headstrong, but deep inside, she was kindhearted and friendly.

Physical appearanceEdit

Cleo: "You guys talking about LIPSTICK? About ROUGE?"
Amelia: "Yeah, We were talking about you, how fake you look."
Cleo: "What's wrong with fake? Fake is good. Fake is beautiful. Let me guess—you're still sad about the dance and now you're thinking that if you had on some face magic, someone would've asked you to dance."
Cleo and Amelia about makeup.[src]

Cleo's hair is typically dark brown, but can sometimes appear black, it is always put up in a ponytail, and her eyes are brown.

Cleo highly values her outward appearance. She wears makeup often, which Amelia thinks makes Cleo look like a clown. Additionally, Cleo buys all her own clothes, nail polish, and makeup.

Personality and traitsEdit

Cleo can be described as the complete opposite of her sister, Amelia. Nonetheless, Cleo is a good natured girl, but almost gutsy at times.

Cleo causes Amelia a lot of embarrassment, mostly for her digusting habits. Most notably the way Cleo eats, she usually eats with her mouth open, and food often falls out of her mouth. Even though, Cleo often embarrasses Amelia, Cleo rarely is embarrassed by anything.




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