"Model clothes! That's definitely a girl thing—count me out!"
—George about having to model clothes.[src]

George previously named Charlie is a classmate of Amelia's. He is first seen in Amelia's Bully Survival Guide.


Elementary schoolEdit

George went to Pioneer Elementary School during fifth grade, and possibly went here before, too. His teacher was Ms. Busby.

At school, he started taking Life Skills, like the rest of his class. He was not a big fan of it at first, he refused to sew since it was to "girly." It is not that sewing is "girly," George is just terrible at it. So, Mr Bipka the teacher, decided to let everyone start a new project, while still working on the previous one.

George is happy about the new project, building clocks. When, the clock was finished, he designed it to look like the solar system.

Mr. Bipka annouces that everyone is going to model the clothes for a fashion show at school. George does not like that idea at all, and volunteered to be the announcer for it. He was not picked however, but did a good job modeling his messenger bag on his bike.