George Solokovansky
Character information
Full name George Solokovansky
Nicknames Georgie (by his family)
Gender Male
Age 6 months-2[1]
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Light blue
Address Chicago, Illinois
Family Quentin Solokovansky (father)
Clara Solokovansky (mother)
Cleo (half-sister)
Amelia (half-sister)
Mr. Solokovansky (grandfather)

Mrs. Solokovansky (grandmother)
Marta (aunt)
Michael (uncle)
Justin (stepcousin)
Tara (cousin)
Tina (cousin)
Harold Solokovansky (uncle)
Tyler Solokovansky (cousin)
Jerome Solokovansky (uncle)
Julia (aunt)
Jeff (uncle)

Affiliations Solokovansky family

George Solokovansky is the son of Quentin, and Clara Solokovansky, and the half-brother of Cleo and Amelia. He first appeared as a baby in Amelia's Family Ties.


Early lifeEdit

George was born to Quentin, and Clara Solokovansky, and lives in Chicago, Illinois. He most likely, spends a lot of time with his cousins that also, live in Chicago.

Meeting his half-sistersEdit

George was six months old when, he met his half-sister, Amelia. Being just a baby, George quickly started to like Amelia. She spent quite a bit of time, helping take care of him for her dad, and stepmother. By the end of the visit, George was already a part of Amelia's world.

He ment his other half-sister, Cleo next. They most likely got along well, since they were happy to see eachother over a year later.



  1. George was six months old when, Amelia first met him, and by the family reunion in Dallas he was two.

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