Gwen was a good friend of Leah Cox's in fifth grade. She was in Mr. Reyes's class.


School lifeEdit

Gwen was in Mr. Reyes's class during fifth grade. On her first day of school she met Leah Cox, and they became friends quickly.

Later lifeEdit

Gwen is never mentioned again, and it is currently unknown if she went on to Oopa Intermediate School, or if she is still friends with Leah.


Leah CoxEdit


Leah Cox, Gwen's good friend.

Gwen became good friends with Leah in fifth grade, since they were in the same class together. They spent much of their time together; so much that Leah had no more time for her former best friend, Amelia. Gwen and Leah ate lunch together and walked home together.

They may or may not have continued to be friends.



  1. Students are usually ten or eleven in fifth grade.