General Information
Full Name: Mario
Gender: Male
Age: 9[1]
Address: Oopa, Oregon
Occupation(s): Student
Other Information
Education: Pioneer Elementary School
Series Information
First appearance: Amelia's Notebook (Mentioned only)
Last appearance: Amelia's Notebook (Mentioned only)

Mario is a student at Pioneer Elementary School. He may have been friends with Franklin, and Philip


During fourth grade his teacher was Mr. Nudel. Like many of the boys in his class, he likes to start fights with the cafeteria food.

If he went on to fifth grade, he would have been in Mr. Reyes' class.[2]



  1. Possibly the same age as Amelia.
  2. Max, and Franny are the only students in Mr. Nudel's class go on to Ms. Busby's class.

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