If Cleo made a guide like Amelia it would be CLEO'S BOY KISSING SURVIVAL GUIDE

I know it's weird but Cleo has so many boyfriends and she kissed one while babysitting so maybe she will make a guide like my title!

I'll try to invent!

Cleo's Boy Kissing Surivial Guide By: Marisaa Moss (and Boy kisser specialist Cleo)

This book is dedicated to Amelia- Cuz you never kissed one!

Ok, I have kissed millions of boys and I wanted to make a guide of it well to help you guys! I'm just doing this guide to impress my new boyfriend that I can do what little sisters can do!

My siter has been wondering why I have tons of boyfriends. Well it's because when I see a cute guy I just fake it so they come near me and kiss me!

-To Be Continued-

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